This was probably the best reception we have ever had at the opera. The audience was quite enthusiastic. I suspect a great deal of it has to do with Scott Bearden, but the other cast members were quite strong too, and I think it was a good performance.

And I enjoyed playing the oboe solo. Really. But do I dare admit that? Is that a way to make me fail next time? Hmmm.

Anyway, I’m tired, but wired. Typical after-concert issue.

Tomorrow we do it all again with a different cast. Should be good!

List of tonight’s cast:

Rigoletto: Scott Bearden
Gilda: Khori Dastoor
Duke of Mantua: Christopher Bengochea
Sparafucile: Carlos Aguilar
Maddalena: Cybele Gouverneur
Count Monterone: Silas Elash
Marullo: Daniel Cilli
Borsa: Andrew Park
Giovanna: Tori Grayum
Count Ceprano: Lantz Warrick
Countess Ceprano: Amanda Mendon Jas
Page: Melinda Becker

Bravi Tutti!

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  1. The ovation after the “Cortigiani” aria was amazing. I could *feel* it. I honestly thought Scott might have to break character and take a bow before they’d stop clapping. It was a great night.