“I think you have to live in Texas to understand that.”

This was his response to my, “You know, there are just some things I don’t get. For instance, Lubbock Symphony Guild presents 44 debutantes to the world.”

Um. Yeah. Texas. (Sorry, Jason!)


  1. Hi Patty,
    Amarillo Symphony has the Belles and Beaux version of the Lubbock Symphony debutantes. When I moved from Ohio to Texas, this was a new thing for me to understand too. There was all this attention about Belles & Beaux… they had their photos in the program, they had a huge ball every year, and they were highlighted and paraded around at the first concert of the season. They were ushering and handing out programs but as soon as the first piece of the concert was played, it looked like they all left the building and didn’t even stay for the concert. I didn’t quite understand what was going on with this. ????

    The Belles & Beaux are a group of high schoolers whose parents must volunteer raising money for the symphony for a period of time (2 yrs I think) so this concept must be a fund raising technique. The Belles all dress alike in gorgeous evening gowns and they are the program distributors and ushers at the concerts. The Beaux are all in tuxes and open doors to the building and I’m sure other things I don’t know about since I’m getting ready to play the concert. There’s a huge ball each year for this group but it is also a fund raiser for the symphony. There’s probably a lot more about this than I know but I think the bottom line is “it’s a Texas fund raising thing”.

  2. I don’t think I’d fit in very well in Texas! 🙂

    I dress to plainly, and I’m not a belle! 😉