27. February 2008 · Comments Off on I Won’t Win An Oscar · Categories: Ramble

… but yesterday I was put on film. I really was. But no biggie, to be honest; UCSC had to videotape a few lessons for my review.

This sort of thing is nothing stressful to me. Maybe it’s not to most musicians who spend time on the stage. I simply don’t pay attention to a camera. I’m there to teach. So I teach.

Truth be told, today was a rather good day. Students sounded fine. I was feeling good. And now I can check one more thing off the list … and I believe I’ve finished everything else for the review as well. It all gets turned in next week. Then it’s up to the powerful people; I continue at UCSC or I don’t. (I don’t have any reason to be fearful, but of course I AM an oboist so a bit ‘o worry will probably creep in.)

Last Week …
I neglected to mention this: I went to UCSC’s orchestra concert last Friday night and they did an excellent job! Bravi tutti to everyone, and of course special mentions to Daniela, Becky, Max, Sylvia, Kevin AND … kudos to Sara and her conducting as well as Sam and his wonderful soloing on the Elgar Cello Concerto. Woo hoo!

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