Royal Opera House withdraws naked billboard

The Royal Opera House has been forced to withdraw one of its posters after a performer who appears naked in the centre of the image claimed it had been unflatteringly distorted.

Juan Pablo di Pace, 28, now an established TV and film actor, performed in the ROH’s production of Verdi’s Rigoletto in 2001.

Despite the fact he has not been part of the opera for several years, a picture of himself naked at the centre of the crowd has been repeatedly used to publicise the production.

The actor, born in Argentina, has contacted the Royal Opera House saying that if they are going to continue using the photo he should receive some form of payment. He has also complained that the image appears to have been distorted so that a certain part of his anatomy appears much smaller than it is in real life.

The guy is clearly naked, so if you are one of those who don’t want to see things like that, don’t click on the paper’s link to the billboard (duh). It’s safe to click on this article link, though 😉


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  2. I’m so confused. Nudity in Rigoletto? And OK, yes, I clicked through to see the ad. Due to the presence of women on the stage that would pretty much have to be the opening scene. And the article says the chorus member was standing in for the lead in publicity photos… so that’s supposed to be the Duke? Naked?

    That seems to be in… well, questionable taste. To say the least.

  3. It IS crass, isn’t it? I did assume it was the opening scene. I can’t imagine it really happened during the opera. Just a teaser to get the audience, ya think?

    If I were the actor I would have asked the same thing … to have it removed. I don’t think, though, that I’d state that they made anything smaller. Makes too many laugh, I think.

    I guess if the Duke is a rapist, he might be unclothed a lot of the time, but probably not during that scene.

    But think of ALL the publicity the photo originally got them, and now it’s done double duty, getting tons more. Go figure.

    Gee … they wouldn’t have done this intentionally. Would they? 😉

  4. Gee, you’re cynical! 😉

    I hope it was just the photo. I’m trying to imagine that scene… it’s a party at the Duke’s palace… and he’s… naked. I think that’s not exactly proper host etiquette!

  5. Well … but you ARE talking about the Duke here. Did you think he would be appropriate? (I still think the nudity would be … if nothing else … too chilly though.)