Do the words “classically trained” bother you at all? Read what Elaine thinks.

(Because right now I’m sort of busy and don’t have much time to blog!)

If you are in the UCSC area, the woodwind quintet is part of the chamber music open dress rehearsal/concert at 7:00 this evening. (I think it’s called an open rehearsal so no one has to publicize it or something … I’ve yet to figure that out!) 7:00. UCSC recital hall. FREE.

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  1. I don’t believe I’ve ever given it much thought – I suppose it is a fairly imprecise phrase. I’ve always taken it to mean that the person has a background which includes some kind of “formal” or “official” (recognized?) training, vs. a self-taught/singing-in-the-shower kind of thing. I haven’t heard it applied to professional orchestra musicians – it’s usually reserved for amateurs or people performing music considered to be “non-classical” (using the term “classical” in the sense of not rock, jazz, hip hop, folk etc.). My assumption (now that I think on it) has always been that anyone playing an orchestral-type-instrument professionally is “classically trained”.