14. March 2008 · 2 comments · Categories: Ramble

Playing Der Rosenkavalier Suite three times in one day is somewhat tiring. (Although I confess that for the English horn/third oboe it’s not horrendous.) But then I think about playing that whole opera. So never mind any whining. Really.

Rehearsals over and out. Now on to the two performances. 🙂


  1. Playing the whole Rosenkavalier is at it’s best probably close to being in paradise – in my opinion!!!:-)

    We start rehearsals on monday for this wonderful opera, I think the first performance is in two weeks, and I’m so looking forward to it! My colleagues, even the most blase ones …, all go around with this silly happy grin on their face when someone happens to mention what’s in our near future.

    Even though I’m also looking forward to it, my mind is slightly more occupied with my “satellite visit” to the met next saturday!

  2. Rosenkavalier is so fabulous, isn’t it? I’ve not played it, but I could bask in the music forever. SO wonderful!

    Hope you’re having fun!