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By electrifying his double reed instrument and incorporating elements of bebop, fusion, Bulgarian, ambient and rock-fueled grunge, the Bay Area bassoonist pushes the envelope on what his notoriously unwieldy instrument can do.

Dan is suggesting that perhaps “amplified” is what should have been used above. But I think I like the idea of electrifying the bassoon instead. 😉


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Reading about the Columbus Symphony brings back rotten memories. The story sounds awfully similar to San Jose Symphony’s story. And it didn’t end well. I am not hopeful. (Here is one article still available about SJS, in case you are interested.)

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… right there at the top … is Dawn Upshaw …

Golijov, paying tribute to his ideal interpreter, has said: ‘I don’t compose for her. Sometimes, I feel that she’s composing me!’ Her grateful colleagues often call her a muse, though this pedestalled status makes her giggle. ‘No, it’s not, “Come, let me inspire you,”‘ she said, with a parody of a dizzy diva’s self-importance. ‘It’s more like, “Hey, I really connect with your music and if you like the way I sing it, then let’s do business!”‘

Read more here.

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The Rhodeses are father and daughter, and they were joined by Park and Lee in the Haydn quartet. Park, Lee and the elder Rhodes next teamed up with oboist Vrbsky for a rather gnarly Oboe Quartet by the esteemed Elliott Carter.

… I just hadn’t ever seen “gnarly” used in a review. Maybe I’m just weird, but it made me laugh.

(Read here.)