Could it be true? Was there a Hungarian custom of burying a bass?

“Every year for the past 100 years, Hungarians in the city of Roma would bury a double bass to signal the end of the wedding season and also would confess their sins that were committed against the instrument. Then they followed up with an all night party. A strange custom to be sure, but a custom nonetheless. Well 2008 saw that custom nixed from Hungary’s event calender. The bureaucrats in Hungary basically forgot to put it on the list of festivals that has been held every year on the first Thursday of every February.”

Oh Jason … what think ye? (Maybe you just know some bass players you’d rather bury?)

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  1. Woah! Gotta blog this! Thanks for finding this link–quite interesting.

  2. Well, I can’t imagine why anyone would make something like this up, so it may well be true. But, I lived in Hungary for three years and can categorically say that there is no town or village there called Roma. (I’m sure someone out there will prove me wrong.)

    “Roma” is the P.C. word in Hungarian for Gypsy.

    I wouldn’t put this past the Hungarian government. (Those guys couldn’t find their car keys.) But it’s hard to imagine that such a festival, if it exists, would not take place as always despite whatever bureaucratic mixup might have occurred.

    I think it sounds like a ridiculous lie, and I can only ask… why?

  3. I searched on this and sure couldn’t find any validation. I suspect it’s some sort of rumor the blogger had heard (and believed). Go figure.

    I’m gullible enough to believe things like this … but I’ve learned to check things out before stating them as fact!

    Still … I like the idea … just because it’s so darn ridiculous! 🙂

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  5. Perhaps it’s time to check with Snopes…

  6. I did check with Snopes, Tim. Couldn’t find anything.