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… for the first time, no symphony violinists will carry on their instruments, on the chance that Delta could turn them away at the gate at CVG.

They are putting them in specially designed crates, so the article tells us later, because Delta is notorious for forbidding violins; they are just a bit too long for carry on rules. There was, as you can read below, a boycott for a while. (I never fly Delta anyway.)

The difficulties musicians have had with Delta while attempting to carry onboard their delicate and irreplaceable instruments caused the American Federation of Musicians to call for a boycott of the airline in 2006. Even though the union lifted the ban last April when Delta pledged to allow small instruments onboard, each flight crew may still decide what is allowed in the cabin.

So the flight crew gets to decide what goes on? Hmmm. Maybe they could also reject overly perfumed flyers and the ones who talk far too much? Ya think?

If I were a violinist I think I’d be so worried I’d probably not sleep for the entire flight. It’s not so much the damage that might occur (I’m assuming the orchestra packs those things incredibly well), but just letting go of such an expensive instrument and trusting I’ll see it at the end of the flight.

I’m betting the oboists all have their instruments with them.

No knives, though.

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  1. I recall Jay Leno once reporting that DELTA stands for Don’t Ever Leave The Airport. Ha!