01. April 2008 · Comments Off on Nothing Music · Categories: Ramble

“We ran a couple of classical music tracks at one point that were simply too musical,” Lillie said. “They take over, and you start focusing on the music.”

The New Age instrumentals were “spa-like and soothing” — perfect to make passengers relax as they line up at a metal detector. “It’s like aural wallpaper,” Lillie said.

I used to call some “New Age” music “nothing music”. Seems like that’s what they were looking for, yes?

And, besides, who wants music that is too musical? (Read here.)

Side note: Truthfully, I’d prefer no music at all. Classical would cause me to listen, and it’s just too noisy to hear properly. New Age would cause me to bristle. Pop might cause me to cringe (not all, mind you, but of course it’s all about preferences and everyone disagrees about what the good stuff is). And you just know that anything more violent would cause me to pull out the reed knives. 😉

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