05. April 2008 · 5 comments · Categories: Ramble

Some wind instruments use reeds made of cane wood to create the vibrations that move through the instrument and create the sound.

I’ve just never heard our cane referred to as “cane wood” before. Hmmm. Probably just me.

What was funny was a debate about whether this article should have been on the front page of the paper. (Check out the comments below.) Too silly.


  1. Ok, I can’t see using a reed for months, but one day only? Or did I misread something?

    “This reed will self-destruct in 23 hours, 47 minutes…”

  2. if my reeds only lasted a day, I would definitely switch to flute. That’s just crazy……

  3. I studied with Jan Eberle at MSU my final year and she stresses ALWAYS playing on BRAND NEW reeds. She also stresses making reeds from scratch every day and getting really efficient about it, so yes, it makes sense that their reeds “wear out” after a day.

    Needless to say, I don’t mind making lots of reeds but in order to be able to play on brand new reeds, you either need chops of steel or to be a really really good reedmaker. I unfortunately was neither at the time.

  4. Is “cane wood” perhaps a form of noun redundancy akin to “cash money”? 🙂

    cjwright – wow. Sounds admirable, but I don’t know if I have the disposition. I try to work on reeds every day, but that doesn’t really translate into PLAYING on new reeds every day. I’d gladly work on my “chops o’ steel” rather than do so, but you’ve definitely put a bug in my ear. Innnnteresting. Also time to go harass my friend who’s doing her DMA with Jan right now…

  5. Gee, I go away for a short time, and you all start a conversation. What fun! Maybe I should go away more often.

    If I make a reed and immediately play it, it lasts for about a day. I was taught to make a reed over a period of time (of course Cooper knows what a horrible reed maker I am!), as they last longer then.

    But what do I know? 🙂

    Oh. I know how to play well on bad reeds! 😉