11. April 2008 · 2 comments · Categories: Ramble

I’m exhausted! I shouldn’t be, really; the rehearsal for the Mozart was only three hours long. But it felt quite a bit longer for some reason and now I’m fried. Next up is the concert tonight, and I meet my colleagues at 7:15 to just start up a few spots.

Big goal for tonight: STAY AWAKE!

There’s nothing worse than falling asleep while performing.

Well, except maybe falling asleep before performing and forgetting to go to the concert.

Hmmm. ponder … ponder … ponder … which IS worse?

Okay. I should revise my thinking, shouldn’t I? Big goal for tonight: Make good music!

Yeah, that’s better.


  1. I know why the rehearsal felt long.

    It was an… interesting sitzprobe.

  2. Email me, Mike. Fill me in on your thoughts …?