16. April 2008 · Comments Off on Lessons, reeds and more · Categories: Ramble

Liang Wang’s Reed Making Session.

Heh. This will make you think you can make a reed in about 2 minutes or less! You won’t really learn anything, but it’s fun to see him doing a bit of reed making.

I’m more likely to want to do this. (But see how stubborn an oboe reed can be?!) Seems as if fiery reeds are fun for a number of people.

Okay … but for some real music (honest), enjoy this. There’s nothing like the sound of a bunch of double reeds. And just so you know we also really swing big time, try this. Well. Okay. Maybe we don’t really swing all that much. (But yes, those are baroque instruments.)

Moving to BassoonLand™ …
Nutcracker does cause one to go a bit nuts. (Yeah, that’s about how witty I am: Nutcracker/nuts. Wow. Who’da thunk it?)

And here’s a bassoon lesson by Frank Morelli and a “reed lesson” by the same. (He gives a bit more info than Liang Wang does.)

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