19. April 2008 · Comments Off on Anyone Want To Help This Blogger? · Categories: Ramble

Someone has an opera singer in his apartment. At the end of his blog, he has questions for opera singers. Anyone have answers? (You can answer here if you prefer.)

Question for the opera singers
Do you rent practice space normally for this type of thing? Or do you do it in your apartment?

If you practice in your apartment, do you realize how loud it is?

Do you realize that even if your neighbor is a fan of opera that they may have problems… thinking. Talking. Listening to something else?

Is all of this due to the fact that our opera singer is some sort of poor and struggling opera singer who can’t afford a practice space? And when they become famous, they will thank the residents of Building De La Loco in Brooklyn for their tolerance and patience making me feel like an old Scrooge?

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