20. April 2008 · Comments Off on Negligent · Categories: Ramble

I’ve been negligent in pointing out it’s TAFTO month. I wrote for this some years ago. Now, if I had it to do again, I’d try to write better (not sure that’s possible, as I’m not a great writer) and think a bit harder before that writing. But what’s done is done. And it’s in print, so there you go. What can a girl do?

Well, a girl can neglect to put a link to her entry here. Yes. She. Can.

But anyway, it’s TAFTO time again. I just checked out the entry by one of my favorite music bloggers and pianist Jeremy Denk. His blog includes this:

Love for Music is such a vulnerable, personal thing; it is fragile, changeable; it is hard to share. Any one concert is not going to do justice to it; it may in fact seem diametrically opposed to it; you must be prepared for disappointment.

But, really, just read the whole thing. K?

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