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… and I finally learned how to put videos here. Woo hoo!

One very energetic young player! He really made me smile.

(I get annoyed with the ratings people give on Youtube. C’mon guys … you are rating a child, not a professional musician!)

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There will be naked dancing girls, bungee ropes, a four-storey tower wreathed in fireworks and the theme from the Old Spice adverts amplified so that 18,000 people can hear it.

Puritannical music lovers should probably run for the hills: the stadium classical music gig is coming to Britain. O2 , the concert venue in the former Millennium Dome, announced yesterday that it will stage a monumental production of Carmina Burana next January.

It plans to follow Carl Orff’s frenetic and instantly recognisable work with productions of Carmen, Aida and The Nutcracker. A musical adaptation of Ben-Hur has also been mooted.

I don’t know that I’d call myself a “Purritannical music lover” but I know I’m not interested in hearing Carmina Burana in a stadium with 17,999 other people.

Thanks, anyway.


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I’m sure Symphony Strong is a good thing, and I know Columbus Symphony musicians will take any help they can get, and I truly wish them all the best. Truly.

But man, did I crack up when I went to the site. (Have your sound on.)

That sincere voice ….

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Have a look!

But it’s already at $61, and I don’t think I want to pay more for it. Still, wouldn’t it be cool as a lamp? I think so!