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More unique to our waitlist review though, we may consider the level of continued interest in Vanderbilt, the content of any new information that has been received since our decisions have gone out, and what elements of each application fit with the outstanding needs and goals of our incoming class (the aforementioned scenario, if we need oboe players, we’ll admit more oboe players, etc).

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Once again, the oboe is used as an example at an admissions site.

Here are some other examples of the oboe thing going on at admissions sites and blogs:

  • MIT
  • College Admissions Trade Secrets: A Top Private College Counselor Reveals
  • Bolles
  • Stanford Report
  • Equal Education
  • The Mike Snyder Blog
  • and, finally … a “free college admissions essay” (Really! I hope students aren’t so stupid they use these things!)

    I guess the oboe example will never end.


    1. Don’t know why they pick oboe, either, 2 of my son’s college picks couldn’t care less about oboe, now if you put computer sci(enrollments have been down surprisingly for that they tell me ) or chemistry thats a different matter, he was accepted to most of his college apps based on that, not on oboe,even tho he will be minoring in music..

    2. I’m curious … to which schools did he apply (if you don’t mind telling!)?

      The “oboe myth” comes from truth, and I know some schools still need oboes and offer scholarships due to that, but it’s not nearly as common as it used to be.