12. May 2008 · Comments Off on Being Overly Sensitive · Categories: Ramble

Sometimes I misread what people have to say. That is absolutely no surprise to my friends and family. At least I don’t think they are surprised any longer. Here are some instances where patty gets it wrong:

  • “Nice outfit!” translates to “Well, finally she dressed properly.”
  • “Nice hair!” translates to “You usually look pretty darn unkempt.”
  • “Beautiful solo!” translates to “…finally. It’s about time.”

Yeah. I’m sick that way.

So sometimes when people comment here I’m quite taken aback by what they say, and yet I can’t hear inflection, so perhaps I’m reading incorrectly. I think I could use a translator. Any volunteers? 😉

The hammering continues … and it sounds like they are destroying my house! I finally looked out the window and realized the noise is so loud because they are also re-roofing (do I need that dash) the garage, which is only a few feet from our family room, where I am currently sitting. I’m glad I have no students today; the studio is awfully close to the garage as well.

In other news … I’m back to that kind of sad mood sort of thing. I think it’s called exhaustion. At least that’s what one of my colleagues suggested. I’m not good at diagnosing my moods when I’m this tired, you know?