21. May 2008 · Comments Off on Every Doggone Day · Categories: Ramble

I know, I know, whining isn’t becoming. But whatever.

My reeds have behaved differently every single day this week. What was wonderful last night was certainly not wonderful tonight. (Last night I felt quite good about the main reed. Oh well!) I actually wound up playing on three different reeds through the show tonight, and was never completely satisfied.

Yeah, everything changes, nothing stays the same. But still ….

This is the part of music that drives me bonkers, and makes me remember my bookkeeping days at Books Inc. with great fondness. Ahhh, books! When they were balanced they were balanced. And they didn’t change. Done was done. Close the book, make a deposit, go home. Straight forward. Simple. Predictable.

But of course I also didn’t get a lot of joy out of doing the books.

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