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A colleague whose husband suffers from these severe headaches called him to see what he finally figured out.

Four 200 mg ibuprofen pills.

And yes, that did the trick.

It’s not something I’d do frequently; they are hard on the stomach and liver. But when one has work to do, solos that must be played, music that must be made, one deals in any way one must deal. So there you go.

Now I’m home eating a delicious salmon burger (thanks, Dan!) and then it’s back to work I go.

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I have one of my pounding, can’t cope at all headaches. And I have two students and two shows today.

Back to bed with me. Maybe an extra 30 minutes of sleep will help. I hope.

Four shows to go. Two today. Two tomorrow. Done.

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When it comes to multi-tasking, Ben Harper puts even the busiest of us to shame. In addition to serving as Orchestra Stage Manager, Box Office Assistant and Preludes instructor for the Mobile Symphony Orchestra (MSO), the classically trained musician has become the orchestra´s website designer and photographer of choice.

Ah yes, musicians frequently have to get creative with how to make an income! Go figure.

But, as was just said to me, not every person works in the area in which he or she has a degree. Right?

“I play bass sitting in with as many jazz bands as I can fit into my schedule,” Harper confides, “as well as a lot of other instruments just well enough to impress the 1st and 2nd graders in my Preludes classes.”

Harper, who has a degree in Music Education, came to the MSO while working at WHIL radio, where his duties at the classical station included stints, over 13 years, as a late night and morning drive DJ as well as program director.

“When I first met Ben, he was a superb radio announcer,” Speck recalls. “Then I found out that he’s an excellent guitarist, a terrific teacher, a wonderful Stage Manager and, now, a top-notch photographer and web designer.”

Today, however, Harper is perhaps best known as a member of the Celtic band Mithril. The ensemble weaves traditional Celtic music with American folk, classical and Middle Eastern melodies and is fast becoming one of the most sought after Celtic/World Music groups on the concert series scene…thanks in no small part to Scott Speck, who hired the ensemble for its first orchestral gig, an MSO Holiday concert in 2004.

I wonder if he’d be willing to come over here and be my gardener too.

I definitely need one. Ask my mom. 😉