Alex Klein, for one.

No, he’s not coming here. My blogging isn’t as clever or witty as Esther Wheaton’s. But Mr. Klein wound up at her university to give a masterclass. Pretty cool, eh?

Now my little (very little) brain is thinking, “Hmmm. Wonder what blogging might bring me?”

Shall I blog about needing the master bedroom painted? Or maybe the garage being cleaned. Or perhaps about the yard work that desperately needs to be done?

Somehow I don’t think those will get me anywhere, though.

Still … anyone out there dying to come over to my place to work.

Yes. Deafening silence. I understand.


  1. A while back, blogging about a negative experience I’d had at a gym, and the positive experience I’d had during the trial membership at a new gym, got me a discounted membership rate at the new gym–someone had found my blog and forwarded the address to the national office! Not bad! (And a reminder not to put anything incriminating on the internet…)

  2. …oh, and I meant to say, “but you have OUR respect, Patty! Isn’t that enough?” (silence) I know! Insert the words “Stam’s Chocolaterie” every second sentence (or insert your favourite store)…this has yet to work, but Stam’s Chocolaterie it can’t hurt!

  3. Well, I HAVE had some reeds sent to me … so how dare I complain. Right!

    But yes, I’ll gladly take your respect. Of course you’ve never heard me play. Hmmm. 😉

    But “Stam’s Chocolaterie”? Will that do anything? Hmmm. Worth a try!

  4. From their website, it doesn’t look like Chocolaterie Stam has made it west of Iowa yet…Preston’s Candy & Ice Cream, however, is local (the factory is in Burlingame, it looks like, but they used to have a shop in Los Altos – don’t know if it’s still there). And the owner is a musician, too.