06. June 2008 · 7 comments · Categories: Ramble

I’d assume this dog just hated what I did. But they are calling what he does “singing”. So … okay then ….


  1. My teacher’s dog used to do something like that whenever someone got an oboe out. My teacher’d make him go to the other room and watch TV to make him quiet. Don’t know why that worked..? He still tries, but he’s an old doggie and has mostly lost his voice.

  2. Thanks for that, Miriam!

    It just sounds as if the poor dog is upset and in agony. I wonder if they are actually happy when they do this? Could you tell with your teacher’s dog?

  3. My younger dog does that too! All the time! Now I’m trying to get him to match the pitch. Not much luck, but it’s a good start, heh (:

  4. So you don’t think he’s “singing” because he’s upset, Nat?

    I’m not a dog person, so I don’t know much about them. They sound so sad and I always think they are unhappy about the music. Maybe I’m wrong, eh?

  5. I really don’t know, Patty! The thing about them is that they get irritated at some loud noise, and they make even louder noise to show that they’re irritated!

    Once my older dog (i’ve got two, a father and a son) came upstairs and sat in front of my oboe just to whine at me when i was playing! Kinda amusing it is though. And when the younger one howls, he looks up as if howling to the moon. Interesting.

  6. Jeannette Clemons

    The dog looks as though it may be mostly a Basenji… they do not bark, but they do howl! I cannot comment on his pain, but my dogs (Standard Poodles) even the 4 1/2 month old pup LOVE to “Go OBOE” and come to my music room for both practice and lessons. My teacher is amazed at how quiet and attentive they are…Maybe cause I have “cookies”???? They arent in any pain…

  7. I’m never sure what the dog really thinks of the oboe. Sometimes I thought he was happy sometimes I couldn’t see how that was possible. I know my cats hate reed instruments, the always leave the room as soon as I get my case out or my brother starts to play sax or clarinet, but ironically one of my cats will curl up by my brother’s guitar amp or jump up on our piano and sit on the keys.