08. June 2008 · Comments Off · Categories: Ramble

… so I hope I’m not ruining today’s performance for anyone, but now I’ll ‘fess up with what I think:

I think the first half … all that talking, talking, talking .. robs the second half of energy. I’m not sure if it’s that we are just tired after sitting for such a long time, or if it’s just that the first half sucks something from a performance. But I don’t think it works.

That’s just my opinion, I know. I’ll be curious to hear what my family thinks.

I do think Martin West is a great conductor. I just wish he could have had a full concert.

I also think that we could have used the full four rehearsals we usually get, rather than cutting back to three, one of which was spent primarily on the first half and getting the timing down.

Oh well. It’s an odd way to end the season. It doesn’t feel like a grand finale, that’s for sure. And with no celebration after, it’s just … well … sort of empty to me. Such is life.

But my colleagues … those that had the biggies … what wonderful playing! :-)

(I know some folks don’t want their names here, so I don’t put names. But DK … you were incredible. Fabulous. Wonderful. Perfection! And MA … bravo to you! It was an honor …!)

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