I realize they are controlling various instruments. I can see the guy “playing” timpani, and the other one bowing … but the oboe? I don’t get it.


  1. I would guess just pressing the keys in time. Not really taking advantage of the Wii’s motion sensors?

  2. I’m assuming they don’t need to know oboe fingerings, eh? Just sort of pretending?

    My daughter has a Wii … I’ll have to see if she can get this to see how I would do.

    I’m guessing I’d fail!

  3. You’re talking about the girl? She’s just pushing the control buttons. I guess she felt obligated to hold it in a funny way.

  4. Gee … wish I just had to push buttons to play! 😉

    Somehow they need to get a reed involved in this thing if they want to do the oboe, don’tcha think?