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The opera, divided into three acts and seven scenes, is a multi-national collaboration as German-born Lukas Hemleb directed the opera; Taiwan’s Gordon G.W. Chin composed music for the opera, and National Symphony Orchestra’s chief executive officer Chiu Yuan (Taiwan) wrote the script for the opera. The bright and young baritone Thomas Meglioranza from the U.S. will play Dr. Mackay, while soprano Chen Mei-ling (Taiwan) will be playing Mackay’s wife.


Hey … that’s a blogger (although I can’t get to the site at the moment) mentioned above! It’s so much fun to recognize a name from a blog I read. So yay for Thomas Meglioranza!

I got a kick out of his manager’s “management territory”. Heh. I want to have the world as my management territory too. 😉

Or maybe managing the world would be a bit much for me. Ya think?