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I’m tuning in and out of the fourth of July special on PBS. Right now Huey Lewis and the News are on. Behind them sit the orchestra. They look … well … uncomfortable. I suspect people would say I do too, when I’m sitting on stage for something like this. It’s not that I don’t like the pop music. But when I’m holding an oboe I just feel like I look out of place.

Or maybe that’s just my problem!

On the second tune some of the orchestra is playing (they are doing Power of Love). At least then we have something to DO, which makes things better. It’s that darn sitting thing that’s not fun to do, I think. If I start to “rock out” (huh? ME?) I think I look tremendously goofy.

Oops. Huey Lewis just dropped his microphone. Good thing someone else was singing right then.

Good thing he didn’t drop an oboe.

I think that sort of music works much better live than live on TV.

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What would YOU add?

Me? Well … duh … a reed making component.

I would definitely add a mirror compact on it so I could put my makeup on in front of it before going on stage, because I always have my Mac on my dressing table wherever I am.

Right. She’s a singer. 😉 (I’ve never heard of Natasha Marsh. Should I have? Looking at YouTube stuff she looks to be very pretty.)

Found here.

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Twang Twang Twang (Helen Radice))

I can’t get to her blog. Can you?

Some things can just make me smile. The video below works that way.

Here’s his Website.

Man, where does this guy get the money for all that travel, though? And might he need an oboe player to accompany him?

I found it via grecchinois.

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Mitch Miller was also an oboist at one time. (And yes, I’ve been told Mr. Miller is still alive. He was born in 1911. Maybe oboe playing is good for one’s health?) I have a CD of Frank Sinatra conducting works by Alec Wilder and Mitch Miller played the oboe and English horn on the recording. I worked with the man some years ago. I have stories. I won’t tell. Except this one; you wanted to hide your oboe and reeds before he got to you and grabbed them to play. Other stories will remain in my Secret Story Book.

I wish this video didn’t go all weird on me, but the song (the first, not the web-footed one) is appropriate for today, don’t you think?