… and absolutely nothing to do with music. But I’m sorry, I can’t resist.

“I keep thinking how could I have not known it was there?” Miss Hawkins said. “I will certainly be checking my bras every morning from now on.”

Um, Well. Okay then.

I read it here. You should read it too.


  1. 1. How do you find these bizarre articles?
    2. How could she not know it was there?
    3. When she discovered it, how did she not scream and pee her pants?
    4. Upon her discovery, why was her first thought that she didn’t want to disturb the animal?
    5. Why would anyone want to advertise their underwear and ignorance in the newspaper?

    Enquiring minds want to know!

  2. 1. I have my tracking device. It finds articles for me. (Actually I found this one just while surfing the web. Really!)
    2. She must be stupid
    3. She is Batgirl. Batgirl doesn’t scream.
    4. She loves animals. And she is batgirl. Duh.
    5. She has now celebrated her 15 minutes or whatever it is of fame. Over and out.

    OR … this is all a big scam and it never really happened. I know what my skeptical hubby would say. I’m gullible so I chose to believe it.

    I guess we’ll have to stay tuned to see if there’s any scam news. So let’s do that. Same bat time. Same bat channel.

    Oh … you’re probably too young for that last bit, eh?! 😉

  3. I’m too young to have seen the original batman episodes? KAPOW! You flatter me!