10. July 2008 · Comments Off on Musician Dreams · Categories: Ramble

Sometimes they are a bit like those dreams we have about not being able to find our classroom and yet it’s the day of the final. Had those? Bet a lot of you have!

My dream this time was similar, but not quite: I was in a huge, multi-level parking garage. It had, in fact, two separate sections. I was searching for our Prius and it was nowhere to be found. For some reason the parking garage had stairs into a shopping mall … but I was supposed to be at a rehearsal. I knew that our break was only 15 minutes (actually I think they are 20 in real life, but I never keep track, and I rarely even bother to leave my chair when we have breaks). I continued to hunt for the car, and the only thing I could remember was that I had put two glasses up on a shelf near the car. (Don’t ask me what that was about.) The entire dream was spent knowing I was late to the second half of the rehearsal and fixating on my missing car. (There were twists and turns on the way: a friend I’ve not kept in touch with for years appeared, my new son-in-law was there, and at one point I was in the wrong section of the garage, looking at tables and tables of glassware and other things that were sitting out because I was in a sort of lost and found part of the garage.)

I know, I know … not terribly exciting, and I don’t believe I played a spec of music.


But not I’m quite tired. All that searching did me in.

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