11. July 2008 · Comments Off on Steady … Consistent … · Categories: Ramble

Scott has once again compiled his Technorati rankings and you can see them here. He’ll post google ratings later. I’m #24. I gained 1 point in my “authority ranking” whatever that means to any of you.

July 2008 for me reads this way:

24 Oboeinsight: 59 [+1] Patty Mitchell (oboe)

It’s all stuff that doesn’t make any difference in blogging, really, but it’s interesting to see where I am. I was curious about Hugh’s incredibly high ranking and when I went to a site that always links to him I was taken here. Now I don’t have a clue what that site is about, but it does love Hugh’s name! (Does anyone know what that is?)

Anyway, I guess I’m just steady. And perhaps I’m consistent. These are, perhaps, another way of saying I’m … well … boring?