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I’m sorry … I know some of you will truly wonder about me now … but this made me laugh:

Funny thing is, I was googling the lyrics and ran across a site where people are seriously discussing the errors in the song:

“Cause if your brain is gone you don’t care wether you have eyes or not because your dead… that part is retarded.”


“I’m pretty confident that zombies aren’t capable of rational thought. You appear to be the one with the handicap if you are criticizing them for their logic. I wonder if that makes your brain taste better or worse…”

are just a few comments put up here for your enjoyment.

You may thank me now.

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Singing along to the oboe *and* bass parts of a Bach aria. Oboe B-flats while slouching in a futon kind of hard.

News you can use. 😉

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Dear Students,

When I ask, “Did you practice this?” the answer, “I think so,” doesn’t really cut it! It’s a yes or no question. And suggesting that you think you did but can’t quite remember means that if you did put the reed in your mouth and play the piece a bit it probably didn’t count as high quality practice.

Your pesky teacher


Yes, students have said that to me. Not just one student, in fact. And no, this didn’t just happen so I’m not pointing at any person in particular. It’s been a long enough time now that I feel safe mentioning it without directing the comment at an individual.

But the “I think so,” answer does make me laugh. And then get annoyed. I’d much rather hear, “No, but I sure put in a lot of effort on this other piece you assigned!”

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I especially like the music of Chopin. This is the music I was exposed to as a child. If a party official died, no one was allowed to play any music for three days, and one could only listen to Chopin.

-Krysztof Dobrek

(Read here.)

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I went here and plugged in a couple of cities for today’s date and on.

San Francisco: 179 concerts listed through December of 2008
San Jose: 1 concert listed through December of 2008 (and it was San Francisco Symphony at Flint Center)

Something seems slightly awry. Most “classical” music seems to come to end in San Jose, come mid-June (aside from a visit from SFS tomorrow for a free concert in the park). But we do have concerts beginning again in September. Really.

Update & Alert
Looks like the Dr. Horrible site is awfully busy … I can manage to get in now. So I guess not sleeping was good for my viewing pleasure, eh? Perhaps the birds will wake me again tonight and I can watch parts 2 and 3. (I’m sorry now that I didn’t watch them right away. Oh well.)

As some readers know, I’m one of those odd oboists (Okay, okay … you think all oboists are odd? So. Well then. I’m odderer.) who likes musicals. So when I checked out Episode One of Dr. Horrible’s Sing-Along Blog by Josh Whedon I was hooked.

Hooked, though, means only three episodes from what I’ve read. Currently it’s free online. I guess in a short while it’ll be on iTunes for legal download.

So … check it out if you are odderer like I.

And yes, I’m writing this at 2:39 AM. There’s a very insistent bird chirping outside and the darn thing is keeping me awake.