16. July 2008 · 1 comment · Categories: Huh?

Someone sent me an email to get me to join an online group. Here is what he wrote:

The Discussion Board and The Wall are open to group members.

This is defiantly a member participation group.

Heh. When someone gets defiant about things I’m just not sure I want to join ….

16. July 2008 · Comments Off on Those Romantic Pictures · Categories: Havin' Fun

There’s a picture I recently ran across of a woman sitting on the top of a lovely white baby grand piano. She is beautiful. She is blonde. She is in a romantic looking white blouse and perfectly fitted jeans. She has bare feet. They are very pretty too. Her feet are on the piano keys.

I have decided I want to take a picture of myself (Okay, I’m not beautiful like that woman, nor am I blonde. Deal.), sitting on top of my desk full of reed making tools (it looks sort of like this but in natural wood and not very neat inside). I will wear my plain white blouse (I don’t have a romantic one, sorry!) with my not-so-perfectly fitted jeans. I will paint my toenails (Up until The Wedding I had NEVER painted my toenails but now I think I’m enjoying this. My feet look better with color, I guess.). And I will put my oboe on the desk top below me. Then I will step on it.

Oh. Never. Mind.

16. July 2008 · Comments Off on A Wee Bit Higher · Categories: Ramble

Scott has put up the google version of blog popularity. I move from 27 to 21.

Does it matter? Of course not. Have I received any hits via his mention of my blog? Nope, not that I can see.

I do wonder how many of the blogs he’s checking are run by an individual compared to the ones run by a more than one person or even by a newspaper or other group.

Again, not that it matters. I do what I do because I like to do it. If I had 12 hits a day I’d still do it. (My other site receives very few visits, but I really don’t care.) But I do read most of the blogs that he lists, and it sort of feels as if we are comparing apples to oranges. Or Cheerios to Fruit Loops. (Yeah, I’m kind of craving Cheerios right now. Big bowl. With lots of milk.)

It is funny, though, how I say I don’t care but I just hope some folks out there will love me.

Popularity. Seems like it always lurks, just out of reach. 😉

Okay … SongMonk didn’t see the problem so I watched the video I put up … it’s different that the TV ad we saw! Isn’t that weird? I guess the sound was off on the ad. The only time the “conductor” is off on the video is about 27 seconds in.

So now I have to hang my head in shame, I guess. Right?

I’m not talking about all the stuff the “conductor” is tossing out as he conducts, or the funny gestures … wait until the end, when he’s just conducting. Does that bother anyone else as much as it bothers me?

Sure, he’s beating three. But … well … we do have a problem. Really. This thing drives me nuts … and it just bugs me that they don’t understand that what they did is so darn off.

HP, don’t you get it?