Okay … SongMonk didn’t see the problem so I watched the video I put up … it’s different that the TV ad we saw! Isn’t that weird? I guess the sound was off on the ad. The only time the “conductor” is off on the video is about 27 seconds in.

So now I have to hang my head in shame, I guess. Right?

I’m not talking about all the stuff the “conductor” is tossing out as he conducts, or the funny gestures … wait until the end, when he’s just conducting. Does that bother anyone else as much as it bothers me?

Sure, he’s beating three. But … well … we do have a problem. Really. This thing drives me nuts … and it just bugs me that they don’t understand that what they did is so darn off.

HP, don’t you get it?


  1. Is the music not synced with the conducting? I couldn’t tell given how the video was showing on my PC. (All jumpy and stuttering and stuff.)

  2. He’s beating the correct pattern, and his pulse is correct, but his downbeat isn’t with the music’s downbeat. It’s difficult for me to even watch. I can’t believe they didn’t make sure his pattern wasn’t coordinated with the music.

    I saw the ad on TV for the first time last night. My husband and I were both astounded that they didn’t catch this problem.

  3. Are you talking about at 46 seconds? It looks right to me?

  4. How funny! I watched the copy on my computer and it’s different than the one I saw on TV. Yes, he’s on at the end. He’s only wrong sometime around 29 seconds I think. Now I’ll have to go back to YouTube and see if there are several ads, or if there was a glitch on the TV ad.

    Very, very weird!

  5. Okay … it must have been a sound issue with the ad on the TV, because it’s fine on the ones I’ve checked online. He’s only wrong at 27 seconds.

    Is that weird … how it was off when we saw it on TV? it was all off by 1 beat, IIRC.