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I’ve played a lot of musical instruments. I’ve played the guitar and I played the bassoon in high school, but this was the first time I’ve played the drums.

-Rainn Wilson

As my son Jameson just said, though, we’re really seeing Dwight (Rainn Wilson’s character on The Office) as a bassoonist. 😉


  1. Patty, I’ve felt–for about 34 years– there are no “accidents”..that there IS a Power somewhere guiding every little thing, such as, “How in heck did I get onto THIS blog?”

    Glad you’re glancing at my “regular” blog “ya never know etc.” Also have a web site http://yaneverknow.net–but just cannot quite get started, ya know?

    Bottom line: As an old ex drunk, and ex second fiddle symphony player, I DO have some “musical memories” which I’ll begin to blog. Glad to meet you, BTW.

    Right now, I’m hearing music, but don’t know the name OR the key, but I’m hearing (in my head, that is!) in D, oboe starting the piece with an 8th note pickup, followed by 8ths: addf#f#aag-ef#g-f#agf#-…soon after is a duet w 2nd oboe. I’ll be “hearing” the whole work before sunup. BOY!! I gotta tell you, this is CRAZY! I can’t wait to see if you can respond!!! That would mean YOU are crazy also-grin-…gotta tell you, it’s 4:30 AM and maybe that will explain???

    Patty, I’m used to NOT using my photo or last name (on my anonymous blog, steveroni.blogspot.com) but I will sign this comment, “A VERY happy guy, at peace with the world” finally!!! And still gigging…strolling.
    Steve Elsaesser

  2. Hello Steve! Thanks for writing!

    Hmmm … I’m gonna have to see if I can figure out what the heck you are hearing in your head with that oboe piece. Right now, though, the tour de France is blasting away and my brain is not able to decipher the oboe piece. Sigh. (I’m bad at that kind of stuff anyway.)

    Well, time to decide if I can make it to chruch or not … tummy trouble … kind of doubtful. Oh well.

    I definitely don’t believe in “accidents”. I just wish I understood why certain things happen the way they do. Or maybe I don’t wanna know! Best to just trust, I suppose.