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So the IDRS is having the convention in Utah this year. And no, I’m not going. I suppose I should have considered it, since it’s so close. But having other important things this year made the convention not so appealing. (Neither did the dress code that is put in place due to it being at BYU, but never mind that. I don’t usually wear no sleeve tops anyway.)

Due to the convention, there are some articles about the goings on, so check ’em out!:

I do hope to get to a convention someday. Next year it’s in England. (Click here for a pdf about it.) Now doesn’t that sound like fun? (My first choice would be Italy, though.)

*If you don’t understand my plaintive comment just go here, here, or here.

Yeah, I whine a lot about the word “plaintive”. If you do a google search on “plaintive English horn” you go to oboeinsight first. Wouldn’t ya know? 😉

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Patty- sorry to contact you through comments, but I didn’t see a contact link. (I tend to miss the obvious)

I have created a musicians blog for discussion about our Columbus Symphony crisis. Anyone can post. If you want, I’ll register you.

Perhaps you could mention it since it’s new. It’s called Columbus Symphony Musicians Blog, at http://symphonycolumbus.blogspot.com


Sure, David, happy to put this up.

My heart really hurts, though, when I read about Columbus. As I’ve mentioned, San Jose Symphony folded after more than 100 years of existence. I had been in the orchestra for 27 years when it died. It was quite painful. All the best to those in Columbus.

Oh … and to contact me: pattyoboe [at] me [dot] com 🙂

20. July 2008 · 4 comments · Categories: Ramble

Update: My husband writes: “First, I have to say that posting that “Saints” recording is probably a chargeable offense, especially when unsuspecting visitors accidentally listen to it right after waking up on a Sunday morning. I think a warning notice would be appropriate.”

Tee hee.

When the saints go marching in it won’t be to the sound of far too many oboes. I’m sure of it.

Happy Sunday to you.