20. July 2008 · 4 comments · Categories: Ramble

Update: My husband writes: “First, I have to say that posting that “Saints” recording is probably a chargeable offense, especially when unsuspecting visitors accidentally listen to it right after waking up on a Sunday morning. I think a warning notice would be appropriate.”

Tee hee.

When the saints go marching in it won’t be to the sound of far too many oboes. I’m sure of it.

Happy Sunday to you.


  1. That is pretty horrific. I don’t know what I was expecting…actually, I do. The mass oboe pieces played at the IDRS conventions actually sound pretty good. There’s a wall of double reed sound, and even though it’s not perfectly in tune, the sounds somehow blend together to sound…not bad! This, however….it’s bad. 200 oboes? I don’t think so. Looks and sounds like a method class to me. And uncross your legs, missy in the front row!

  2. Heh … I saw those crossed legs too. Ah well.

    (Of course I have colleagues who do that. And when I’m being REALLY lazy … sigh. Yeah, I’ve done it. Just not in front of my colleagues!)

    But isn’t it awful? And to choose “When the Saints”. Hmmm. No saints would want THAT!

  3. This video is now going to be the oboe-specific equivalent of being rickrolled.

  4. I actually got almost five seconds in before stopping the video. Well, more like two notes, anyhow.

    Maybe if they threw in a couple of bagpipes and an accordion or two to sweeten the sound…