21. July 2008 · 4 comments · Categories: Ramble

I loved chemistry, loved math. Musicians love math; all my children and grandchildren are good at math,” Kaplan said. “I thought, ‘I’ll apply to Juilliard for a scholarship, and I’ll apply to City College for chemical engineering.’ I got accepted at the City College and then got the scholarship at Juilliard and decided to go there. I was there for five years and ended up with a master’s degree.”

-Melvin Kaplan

I read it here.

I never excelled in math.

That’s all. 🙂


  1. Yeah, but I bet SM did! 🙂

  2. I’d bet that, too.


    I hear constantly about the music/math connection. Makes me feel even stupider than I already felt. Which was pretty darn stupid.

    Double sigh. 🙂

  3. Wha?? I would have thought the SM situation would make you feel better about it.

    Not that investigating the math-music connection makes one *blind* to the subjective experience (in fact, I insist that that is not true), but surely it’s not a prerequisite.

  4. It’s a puzzlement … I’m envious of SM, and yet think that SM doesn’t quite have it all figured out.

    Figure THAT out.

    Mostly I’m just envious of anyone with a brain. As I lost mine years ago. If I ever had one!