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I have an etiquette page. Some of what I’ve put there may seem stupid, needless, or even incorrect to you. But it’s my page, so I can put what I want there. That’s one of the nice things about having one’s own blog. 😉

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Sometimes I am reminded that I have a great career. Sometimes I sit in my little chair and marvel at the incredible music. Sometimes I am entirely overwhelmed by this job I have.

Sometimes I’m incredibly thankful for Mozart.

Today was a day like that.

Don Giovanni is just an incredible work. 🙂

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Hey Jillian, maybe you two could connect if she manages to get to your state …?

This article tells of an oboist and her husband who are trying to get to Iowa. Originally from Iraq, they are now in Jordan. But Iowa is the goal. Des Moines, to be specific.

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Turns out there’s something about guys and music. At least that’s what this article suggests.

Musical ability, along with other creative skills, are rather like a human version of the peacock’s tail; something that has no survival value, but has evolved precisely because it is found attractive by the opposite sex. That’s according to Geoffrey Miller of the University of New Mexico and author of The Mating Mind.

Hmmm. When I saw my future husband the very first time he was giving a lecture on electronic music (or some such thing: sorry, Dan, my mind was elsewhere). There he was … tank top, jeans, headband, long hair … and I leaned over to my friend and said, “What a fox!” (Yeah, I used that word. Really.) She looked at me like I was crazy.

But that was it.

So there you go. I went for the music guy.

On January 3 we celebrated anniversary #32.

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Too many visitors! But I do wonder if they ever go inside and listen.

Opera House too popular!

The new Oslo Operahouse management has asked the Department of Culture for another NOK 17.7 million in maintenance funds due to the large number of visitors.

Director Bernt Hauge estimates that 300,000 visitors have strolled around on the Opera House’s large, snow white marble roof since the opening in April, and expects the number will increase substantially.

– It would not be reasonable for the Norwegian Opera to cover the added costs of maintenance at the expense of our artistic performance. We hope the authorities will accept this, Bauge says.

Up to 50,000 persons visit the new monumental building at the Oslo waterfront each week.

I read it here.

We don’t have a hall that looks quite like the Norwegian Opera house, but the California Theatre is awfully nice inside. Buy a ticket. Hear the opera or symphony. K? 🙂

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Apparently they don’t read tabloids.

London’s Royal Opera House triggered an energetic debate about “culture for the masses” Wednesday after limiting tickets for a prestigious premiere to readers of a tabloid newspaper.

The respected venue will open its autumn season with a performance of “Don Giovanni” on September 8, but only for readers of The Sun, which is more famous for its Page Three topless models than its coverage of Mozart’s masterpieces.

I read it here.