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… men in tights are cool. I like men in tights.”

Bleh. I don’t *hate* Classical music. I just really, really can’t stand it anymore. My parents and my teachers played nothing but Classical (or so it seems) until I was 10 or so. I’ve heard so much Classical that I am sick of it. SICK OF IT.

and, at the same place

my favorite piece of classical music was mozart’s “ode to joy”

and …

We play a great deal of classical stuff in my orchestra some of it is pretty neat – pictures at an exhibition/pirates of the caribbean etc

I just love reading what other people think about music, and this job ‘o mine. Not that I enjoy knowing someone can’t stand it.

31. July 2008 · Comments Off on Two To Go · Categories: Ramble

I have two services to go, and both are performances of Don Giovanni. Then it’s nada until the end of August.

But that doesn’t mean I’m doing nothing.

Today I tried out two different paint colors in our bedroom. Both are shades of light brown. One is, I think, lovely but wrong. It has a bit of a purple tint to it and I fear I’ll grow weary of it. The other is safe. I’m not sure I want safe, either. So I guess it’s back to Home Depot to see if there’s something else I want to try. The bedroom has been a rather vivid green color that has a bit of blue in it. I want it gone. Very much. So it’ll be outa there sometime next week. It’s just a mystery what will be in its place.

I’d show you the colors online, but seeing color on a computer just doesn’t work. So never mind. When it’s painted I’ll post picture and you can sort of see it … even though I’m guessing colors will still be different depending upon your computer. But stay tuned. I know you’re dying to see it! 🙂

I realize this has nothing to do with music. Oh well.

Tomorrow is opening night for Don G. Sunday is closing. That’s a quickie set, yes? I switched to Oboe 1 (remember when I wrote about my oboes?) to see if there was any difference in my wacky G. There wasn’t. So it’s the reed. Rats. But I think I can stick with that reed as long as I don’t blow too hard. I really don’t need to play any louder than mezzo forté for the most part anyway. It’s just that kind of opera, ya know?

As far as pitch is concerned. Well. Um.

Oh never mind. I don’t need to go there, do I? I just want to be in tune with everyone else. That’s what matters most.

And, uhh, there are waaay, waaay more cute oboe players than cute viola players in the world!

-Vulgano Brother

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(Remember, though, that this is an oboe player’s site!)