04. August 2008 · Comments Off on Painting · Categories: Ramble

I thought, after opera yesterday, I’d have no energy for painting our bedroom. And I’m not sure just how much energy I had today … but I painted. We are nearly not green. (The walls, that is. I do try to be “green” when it comes to environmental issues, although I guess paint isn’t the best thing to be doing.) I have to do all the edging, but I rolled the walls, and it’s so nice to see this lovely color on the walls! I suppose I should have started with all the edging, but that I knew I didn’t have energy to do. (My hands hurt quite a lot when using a brush.)

I also need to do the ceiling in a lighter white, and yes, I should have done that before walls. But again, not enough energy for that task. Still, I hope to get the room completed and put back together by Friday. I’m fairly sure it should be no problem. (Of course we’ll see how my hands feel tomorrow!)

So this is what happens when I finish up with performance. I guess I need to do something slightly creative! Go figure.

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