17. August 2008 · 4 comments · Categories: Ramble

I am all for spontaneous enthusiasm but the standing ovation is a filthy American habit that I think should be discouraged.

-Michael Billington

I read it here.


  1. And what are your thoughts?

    The quote you selected certainly sounds snooty (of course he chose to write it in order to make a quotable article so that’s legit), but choice quote for me is this one:

    The argument against the standing ovation is simple. If you do it for virtually everything, it soon becomes valueless.

    This has actually been my feeling for quite some time. I don’t like how most any performance earns a standing ovation regardless of how good it is. And of course when everyone around you is standing up and applauding, you feel like a dweeb if you don’t.

  2. Well of course I didn’t know it was a “filthy American habit” and I have a feeling the guy doesn’t like us. But whatever.

    I attempt to stand only when a performance deserves it. There are times, though, when I simply have to stand because of the situation in which I am “stuck”. I can’t really explain in writing … wouldn’t be wise. So I guess we’ll leave it there. 🙂

  3. Heh, subsequent to this above comment and post (in fact, just now), I came across an old post of mine (where you commented!) and where I mentioned the ovation thing! I didn’t even remember saying that until just now. 🙂


  4. I went and checked out your blog entry, quite fearful that I might have contradicted myself. (I frequently do that.) Whew. At least there I didn’t. For once! 🙂

    I guess that was my very first post at your site. How fun to see that again, and realize that’s when we “met”.