Me? I was … let’s see … in 6th grade, I think. (I’m guessing many are now laughing hysterically, thinking, “I wasn’t even alive then, you Oldboe player, you!”)

Well, Domingo was singing at the Met. For the first time. As Maurizio in Cilea’s “Adriana Lecouvreur”.

And he’ll be returning to the role in February, 2009. Read about it.

I will not be returning to 6th grade in 2009. In case you were wondering. 😉


  1. In 1968, I was 14 and in the 9th grade. I started the year out in Sacramento (where I grew up) and then we moved to Alexandria VA in November. I was so glad to get out of Sacramento!

    Moving to Virginia was like stepping back 10 years in time. Everyone had short hair and still wore conservative clothes, and best of all, the music program in the schools was GREAT! Much better than in Sacramento, anyway.

  2. Gee … I had me as older than you. Go figure. 🙂

    I was 11. Living in San Jose. (Been here since I was 2.) Behind our street was a farm, where “Farmer Frank” lived. I walked near orchards to get to school. That’s all gone now, of course.

    Going from CA to VA is one huge change!

  3. You older than me? Nawww…but that’s sweet.

    “Going to CA to VA is one huge change!”…

    …of LETTER, ha ha.

    No seriously, it was indeed a GOOD change for an aspiring young musician. But I am very glad to be back living in California now, as an adult. I don’t like the weather in VA, and it’s the most conservative state in the Union methinks.
    I certainly couldn’t get married there as I am about to do here in CA!

  4. I used to think I was younger than everyone. Now I’m at a point where I think I am probably older than even then rocks. Maybe it’s having a son who is 26, as well as a daughter who was just married. Tends to make a person feel old, I think.

    Or maybe I just feel old for no good reason at all.

    Oh … but oboe reeds can make someone feel old too.