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There’s an article in the Merc about the classical music season beginning. It’s nice to see groups I’m in mentioned, of course. I’m self-centered that way. But where is San Jose Chamber Orchestra? Curious. I’m wondering if the editor had to cut some things from the original article, as SJCO is a rather important part of the scene in San Jose. At least as far as I’m concerned. (Even though I rarely get to play with them, as they are a string group.)

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One of my oboes — the one I use most frequently — wasn’t functioning properly this morning. I’m not sure if I turned a screw, or if it was just something that moved on its own (yes, they do that sometimes), but something was awry.

Thank goodness for Carl Sawicki’s A Method for Adjusting the Oboe and English Horn. I carefully went through things, step by step.

All’s well. Whew!

Sadly, I don’t see the book in print, or I’d make it a requirement for all university students to purchase it. Really.

Immediate update!
Well, Van Cott Information Services lists it as available. I sure hope this is correct … I’ll email them to verify. (And UCSC students, be ready to purchase this!)

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I had a dream that this one guy in my class who hates band was gonna be in band this year playing OBOE! And the dream was really funny because his oboe was WHITE WITH PINK POCADOTS! YAY!!! So I had a good night’s sleep dreaming about pink spotted oboes.

(Yes, this does have something — well, a small bit — to do with music.)

I’m just home from the Giants game. (They lost. Sigh.) It was Jewish Heritage Night (no, I’m not Jewish, but they did let me in) so on occasion they played parts of the film of Fiddler on the Roof. At one point they got to the Russian men singing, when they congratulate Tevye on his daughter’s engagement (part of the “To Life” tune, about 3:00 in on the clip below). I couldn’t help but wonder how that went over with anyone who is Jewish; these are the people who later in the movie kick all the Jews out of Anatevka. Seemed like an odd choice to include that music. Later on in the game they played the same clip. I thought the bottle portion of the number at the wedding would have been better, but no one asked me!

Maybe I’m overly sensitive …??