I was opening a bottle of wine at my mom’s on this fine night off of work. Family from as nearby as San Jose and as far away as Germany were there for a visit. Such fun! Until I pinched my finger using the corkscrew! Ouch. It hurt like crazy and I looked to see what I’d done.

And so it happens again.

I blogged about cutting my half hole finger before, and that time I wound up bleeding all over the oboe as I attempted to play (and it hurt like crazy that time, and you can read the rest of the story here. Ahhh … memories.). But a corkscrew? Pinching a finger? What a dumb thing to do! When I pinched my finger I cut it into this lovely U-shape which at first I thought was only going to blister. But no. It began to bleed. It didn’t hurt too badly, and I bandaged it up and applied pressure.

After eating dinner I was washing a dish and putting some glasses away. I was unaware that the wound was bleeding big time until I looked at the bandaid. Oops! Blood was all over the dishwasher and cabinet too, as it turned out. So I cleaned up and re-bandaided (not a word, I know) the thing. This is my half hole finger, doggone it! I can’t play with a bandaid on the finger. So the thing better heal. Fortunately I have nearly 24 hours between injury and concert. And so far I can type just fine so I’m guessing it’ll be fine. Maybe it’ll even take my mind off of the solos …?

Naw. That’s not gonna happen.

Never a dull moment, or so it seems.


  1. Krazy Glue(tm) ready just in case (ow ow ow)? When camping at the Pinnacles my neighbor managed to cut his thumb on the lead foil on the wine bottle – I just cut myself on the bottle when I broke it during the opening attempt on the same trip. Seems that opening a bottle of wine can be nearly as dangerous as slicing a bagel…

  2. Yep, I’ll have something with me like Krazy Glue (but man does that sting). I still haven’t removed the bandaid. I’m sort of afraid of what it might look and feel like. Wimpy me.

  3. I sometimes put a piece of paper tape (the kind they use in hospitals) over cuts on my fingers, that seems to keep them from opening up without getting in the way of playing. It’s not slippery like a band-aid, anyway. (maybe you need an orchestra-aid?)

  4. Hmmm. I don’t know about paper tape … wanna show me some sometime?

    So far I can play, even with the bandaid on. I guess it’s in a slightly different location than it was the last time I did something like this, so it’s easier to deal with.