07. September 2008 · Comments Off on Oh, Honestly! · Categories: Oboe, Reeds

So I pulled out both oboes. They are working fine, and I still prefer not to use the RescueOboe™. I like the other one better, plain and simple.

But really … could it have “simply” been a rotten reed?!

I wonder. When I was working on the oboe yesterday I didn’t use the reed I planned on using for the opera. Instead I played some reeds that were fine, but not “The One”. Well, I thought I should play “The One” today. And it goes in and out. At least that’s what I think. It isn’t cracked, but I now see that the blades are slipping.

Sigh. Could it really have been something as stupid as that? Then I WILL be tremendously angry at myself.

Reeds are such a pain, you know?

So it’s back to both oboes in the pit, and I’ll be using another reed. Or two. Or three. We’ll see. And of course if there’s any question I’ll move to RescueOboe™ before a solo entrance.

I will still want to have the oboe looked at; no oboe should be as fussy as this one when it comes to adjustments. It’s crazy making, I tell you. And of course the top joint should seal better.

And now I’m done blogging about this. That’s crazy making too. And extremely boring for readers. I think I’m just processing through this blog, and I do apologize. The last thing you all need to read about is my insanity. 😎

(But if you are the praying sort, you could always pray me through this performance today. Really.)

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