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Classical music is soothing, regardless of the time of day or situation you play it in. When I play classical music, it is either in the background while I’m working or late at night before I’m heading to bed. It is just a generic soundtrack that can be pleasing to anyone really. Why not try getting into some classical music?

So … it can be background music. It’s generic. This all makes it sound as if classical music doesn’t matter. Oh how I’d love to choose some music for this writer! 😉

How about being soothed by some of this:

Or maybe this will soothe you:

It’s true: some “classical” music will calm your nerves. But some can really make you tense and some can cause weeping. Lots of weeping. And some can really scare the willies out of you. But, for some reason, watching the Willis’ (Wilis?) dance (in the ballet Giselle) doesn’t do it:

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