The program opened with “Arioso and Scherzo” by the 20th century British composer Arnold Cooke. Written in 1955 for the English horn virtuoso Dennis Brain, it starred CCM founding member Gail Williams, with CCM member Jasmine Lin as first violin, violists Solomonow and guest artist Richard Young, as well as cellist Balderston. The round full sound of the French horn contrasted sharply with the strings in the work’s wistful beginning, while the strings seemed to be having a brisk conversation of their own, below the soaring horn. It is always a pleasure to hear Williams play and this piece was a treat from start to finish.

I do believe Dennis Brain was a famous French horn player. Yes?

I read this here, and I’m going to guess they correct that pretty quickly. We’ll see!


  1. Yes, but he played horn and he was English, if I’m not mistaken. Heh – an unfortunate juxtaposition of terms…

  2. Perhaps they should’ve said “BRITISH horn player”…

  3. Alas, the english horn is so vastly underappreciated that they think it’s just another kind of french horn.
    How insulting to have the high and mighty double reed compared to such an abomination.

  4. Ahhh … I’ll bet that’s what they meant! Too funny! I wonder if the writer is familiar with an English horn. Hmmm.

  5. Heh … he would be an English French horn player then, as my husband pointed out. And of course then there are the French English horn players.

    How confusing life can be!