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But he began to feel the pressure: Classical music is, as he says, “a perfectionist field”.

He became neurotic, depressed. He was very sensitive to noise. He decided he did not want to perform any more. Then he stopped practising. And then he stopped playing altogether.

I read it here.

I wonder how often this happens. It seems to me that being a child prodigy would come with a ton of baggage.

I’m thankful that my prodigious moments are still ahead of me! 😉

In Other News
UCSC begins next week. I feel as if I’ve been away for eons, and I’m looking forward to getting back. It appears I may have more oboists desiring lessons than I’ve ever had before. I do hope we can accommodate them all. (And if there are any more out there you’d better contact me soon!) Today I move our son back to Santa Cruz. (It’s a quick drive, so it’s not anything like when we moved our other two to SoCal.)

Opera tonight. Third to last performance of EO, but we also have the gala this week!

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