Ever heard an Oboe? I have. For 2 long years. For hours on end. If I never heard an Oboe, Picalo, or Flute again my life would be complete. You see, I had a Music Theory Grad Student renting from me once. End of story.


  1. Totally off-the-subject, but we just got our OSJ mailer and the cover picture shows the pit, complete with musicians (well, some of ’em, including most of the wind/brass players). The pit part of the picture is really blurry (looks like a slow shutter speed was used) so I can’t tell if I can see you or not. I’m certain you’re not the woman with the bassoon or the guy in the bow tie, but that might be you just to the left of him in the picture? No tux, and playing either oboe or clarinet, it looks like. Anyhow it’s kinda nice to see the orchestra, even out-of-focus (at least, I’m pretty sure it’s the photo vs. my eyesight).

  2. I just got that too, Tim! I’m there, but I AM blurry. I’m in the row front of the less blurry bassoonist, and I’m looking at the second oboist and we are clearly … um … blurrily talking. We must have been warming up prior to a show. (Since I hope we weren’t talking during a performance!)

  3. Well, given that the curtains are closed, it seems likely that it was taken during warm-up or intermission (I’m just assuming that they mostly open the curtains during a performance :). But I figure it was during an actual performance, since tuxes aren’t usually worn for rehearsal.

  4. Actually, if we are playing an overture they might have the curtains closed. Even at the beginning an act we could begin with curtains closed. So I don’t know for sure. But I’m guessing it’s while we are warming up because I’m such a well behaved girl. 😉