28. September 2008 · Comments Off on One Done, One To Go · Categories: Ramble, Symphony

I’m home from the symphony concert. Actually I’ve been home for a bit. But I did stay for the reception, so I was home an hour later than my usual time.

The concert went fine. At least in my little world. I didn’t like a few things I did, but the one bigger solo I had (in the Ellington) was enjoyable and I think I did a good job.

Every time I go to a reception I’m reminded of why I shouldn’t go to receptions; I’m not a social sort, and I find them very difficult, and I think I make a pretty big fool of myself. I don’t know how to talk to people I don’t know unless they approach me first. If they do that, I’m fine. But I’m not like a friend of mine who is quite at ease with going up to an audience member and yakking. And I’m not comfortable attempting to eat and stand at the same time — yeah, I’m a klutz — so this time I just skewered a couple of marshmallows (yes, really … marshmallows!) and held them in the chocolate fountain and ate those. Then I had some champagne. And didn’t have any more food because holding a glass of champagne, talking, and holding a plate of food is just an extreme challenge for this silly person. So I leave a bit hungry. When I get home I tend to go over two things: any playing I did that didn’t make me happy (two places in this concert) and anything I said at the reception that was foolish (too numerous to count).

So I should play concerts and go straight home. Really.

Now if I could just read this blog entry before the next concert that has a reception. Maybe I’d take my own advice. You know?

One more concert tomorrow. It’s always so different than doing opera, where the run goes on and on. We do these SSV concerts two or three times, and everything fits in seven days or less (this concert is in five). Time flies for symphony.

Hmmm. I’m not nearly as depressed as this blog entry comes across. Honest and true! 🙂

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