Yes indeed, some politicians do the music thing. And some are good. And some are not. You can choose which is which, k? I’m going to stay silent on the issue. I guess they all decided to get a real job, though.

If anyone finds more of these, do let me know and I’ll post em!

Now I know I’ve seen more … there was something about a battle of the bands or some such thing between a couple of politicians. So if you know of that, fill me in.

Now off to make reeds. (Grumble!)

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At master classes, I got to play an English Horn! I swear, it’s the most easiest thing to play. I think I might ditch oboe for EH, seeing as it uses the same fingering…

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I’d blogged about this earlier, but now another article is posted about the opera.

But by far the biggest challenge of the role lies in singing the Taiwanese lyrics. Mackay in real life had to learn to speak Taiwanese after he arrived in Taiwan to get close to the farmers and fishermen. In fact, he mastered the formal and deep Taiwanese which is hardly spoken today by the younger generation of Taiwanese people.

Maglioranza has been trying to understand every word in his singing lines to be able to emote his part properly. In fact, his first days of work with director Hemleb were spent just reading the Taiwanese lines, according to Maglioranza. The director emphasized the need to express the meaning of the words.

You can read the whole thing here, and you can see Tom Meglioranza’s blog here. Where he spells his name with an a, not e. Hmmm.